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Seventeenth Annual Meeting
of the
Canadian Society for Coal Science and Organic Petrology

will be part of a joint meeting of


Sunday, August 19th to Saturday August 25th, 2007


University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

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Meeting description (by Hamed Sanei)

The Joint International Meeting of CSCOP, TSOP & ICCP will be held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada between August 19 to 25, 2007. The meeting focuses on the unconventional petroleum systems & advances in organic petrology, organic & inorganic geochemistry (

The meeting will include a symposium to celebrate the work and contributions to coal science by Dr,. Fari Goodarzi, Ph.D. , D.Sc., senior Research Scientist with Natural Resources Canada (Geological Survey of Canada-Calgary). During the course of his long career in Coal Science, Dr. Goodarzi has supervised twenty M.Sc. and Ph.D. students working in the fields of Organic Petrology and Coal Geochemistry at the Universities of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England and Alberta, Regina, Waterloo, Western Ontario and Victoria where, he is an Adjunct Professor. He is an editor of International Journal of Coal Geology and Energy Sources and was for many years, an editor of Fuel (1984-1988). He is an expert to UNDP, past-president of the Canadian Society of Coal Science and Organic Petrology (CSCOP) and member of Canadian Geosciences Council (1994-1999). He is a recipient of the prestigious Hacquebard Award (CSCOP) and the Theissen Medal (ICCP). His early work was concerned with the optical properties of carbonized and oxidized coal. In Canada, his research focused on the organic petrology of coal and dispersed organic matter in sediment, particularly characterization of bitumens, chitinozans, graptolites and scolecodonts as their use as indicators of source rock maturity. He carried out thermal maturation studies in the Paleozoic of Arctic Canada. His more recent work examines the geochemistry and trace elements in coal and the environmental impact of coal-fired power plants. He has published over two hundred papers in refereed journals, fifty papers (50) in GSC publications, conference proceedings, one book and has edited six journal volumes.