About CSCOP...
The following is from the "Mandate" section of the constitution of our Society:
"To encourage and promote the practice, research and development of coal science in Canada and abroad through the practice of coal petrography and geochemistry. To act as an advisory body to teaching, training, industrial and research establishments on a national and international level. To serve the members in a professional capacity."

The Society currently consists of approximately 30 members from various research facilities at universities, federal and provincial governments, industry and private contractors.

A brief history of the Society was prepared by Hamed Sanei for the joint CSCOP - TSOP - ICCP Meeting in Victoria in 2007.

Officers of the society are elected by the membership and currently consist of:
Publ. Ed:
Asst. Publ. Ed:
Julito Reyes
Katrina Cheung
Lavern Stasiuk
Andrew Beaton
David Marchioni
Thomas Gentzis
Hamed Sanei
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary)
University of Calgary
Shell Canada (Calgary)
Alberta Geological Survey, Edmonton
Petro-Logic Services,Calgary, Alberta
Petron Resources, L.P., Frisco, TX USA
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary)

Past Meetings

A technical and business meeting is held annually on a rotational basis across Canada. These meetings are commonly held in conjunction with those of other societies such as The Society of Organic Petrology (TSOP) and the Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada (GAC-MAC), and the International Committee for Coal Petrology (ICCP) to promote dialogue between the geologists, engineers and geochemists.

The first of these was a joint meeting between CSCOP and The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP) held in Calgary in 1990, (proceedings from the first day were published in Organic Geochemistry, 1992, V.I8, No. 3; J. Potter, D.L. Marchioni and F. Goodarzi (eds.)). The  second day of this meeting was designated the Hacquebard Symposium: Recent Advances in Coal and Organic Petrology and Geochemistry, in celebration of the distinguished career of Dr. P. A. Hacquebard, a pioneer in Canadian coal petrology (proceedings published in International Journal Coal Geology, 1991, V. 19, No. 1-2; R.M. Bustin, A.R. Cameron and W.D. Kalkreuth (eds.)).

In May 1991, The Cameron Symposium: Advances in Organic Petrology and Geochemistry, (International Journal Coal Geology, 1993, V. 24, No. 1-4; R.M. Bustin and F. Goodarzi (eds.)) was held in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in recognition of the major contribution to coal geoscience in Canada by Dr. Alex Cameron, a founding member of the Canadian Coal Petrographers Group.

In 1993, the Society sponsored a symposium on "Organic Petrology related to Fossil Fuels and Environmental Impact" in Edmonton (Energy Sources, 1995, V. 17, No. 1; F. Goodarzi (ed.)).

In 2002, a joint meeting between CSCOP and TSOP was held in Banff, Alberta between August 31-September 4, 2002.